Health Professions Advising

The College of Charleston offers excellent preparation for careers in the health professions and provides students the opportunity to explore a wide range of career interests. In addition, they receive the preparation required to be competitive applicants to professional schools throughout the country.

Pre-Health at CofC

Our definition of pre-health is the process a student goes through if they intend to work in a health profession. Pre-health is not a “major” or “track”. The process includes:

  1. Exploring a variety of healthcare professions and understanding the type of work (e.g. patient contact, type of facility) involved and how this matches your personal strengths, motivations, and preferences
  2. Preparing for a selected health profession, including both academic (e.g. course planning and major selection) and vocational endeavors (e.g. job shadowing, volunteering, research, leadership, work experience)
  3. Applying to professional schools including assessing readiness to apply, selecting schools, preparing for and taking entrance exams, and preparing a compelling application

College of Charleston students can prepare for careers in:

Healthcare Allopathic and Osteopathic Medicine
Healthcare Dentistry
Healthcare Optometry
Healthcare Pharmacy
Healthcare Veterinary Medicine
Healthcare Nursing
Healthcare Allied Health Disciplines
Healthcare Physical Therapy
Healthcare Occupational Therapy
Healthcare Speech-Language Pathology
Healthcare Physician assistant
Healthcare Cardiovascular perfusion
Healthcare Medical Laboratory Sciences
Healthcare Healthcare Administration/Public Health
In addition to a strong liberal arts curriculum, all of the Departments in the School of Science and Mathematics have been awarded the Commendation For Excellence from the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education (CHE). This achievement is unsurpassed in the state and signifies that the CHE has judged the quality of these programs to be exceptionally meritorious.

Meet the Staff

As a full-time health professions advisor, Edie Hering is available to all students interested in entering a healthcare field from the time they arrive on campus through graduation. Each student will also be assigned a central advisor and an academic advisor to assist as they choose the right major, register for coursework, participate in shadowing/volunteer experiences, prepare for standardized tests, research various professional schools, and successfully navigate the application process to professional schools.