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Tests and Application

The Application Process

Veterinary School Admission Test

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required by most veterinary schools. The general portion GRE is a computer based exam that is given year-round at the Sylvan Testing Centers. There are no specific test dates, but students must pre-register for the test. The GRE standardized test is directed at an introductory level of knowledge for science courses and comprehensive skills in reading and writing. Information about the GRE can be obtained at the GRE website.

The GRE should be taken during the Spring of the junior year or EARLY Fall of senior.

University of Georgia Veterinary School requires the advanced biology subject test, as well as the general GRE. The subject test is paper based and given in April, November and December. The deadlines for GRE scores to be sent to various vet schools can be found on the VMCAS website.

To do well on these tests students must have analytic skills and problem solving ability. Adequate preparation for these tests is essential. A student should aim to take the test only once. Although some professional schools will consider only the highest score or the most recent score, other schools will average all test scores. To adequately prepare for these tests, students must not only be knowledgeable about content, but must also be familiar with the test format and develop the resilience and stamina needed to concentrate for these marathon length exams.

Application Service (VMCAS)

A centralized application service is used to apply to veterinary programs: Veterinary Medical College Application Service

Students who apply to any of the professional programs utilizing a centralized service submit one application through the application service. The centralized service verifies the information provided on the application and submits the application to the professional schools designated by the applicant. The verification process may take up to 6 weeks and this time should be factored in when trying to meet application deadlines.

The application deadline for the VMCAS application is usually around October 1.

    Submit the following application materials directly to VMCAS:
  • VMCAS Web application (submitted electronically)
  • Application fee
  • Three completed evaluations using official VMCAS paper or electronic forms.
    Send the following materials directly to the veterinary medical colleges:
  • Supplemental application, if required by the designated VMCAS college, and any associated fees
  • College transcripts
  • Standardized test scores

This means that the GRE test needs to be taken enough in advance for your score to be available to the schools by the school application deadline (information by school available at:

Most professional schools require additional information, called a secondary or supplemental application, from the applicant once they receive the student's application from the centralized service. Students applying to professional schools that do not participate in the centralized application service must request their applications from and submit directly to the professional school.

Other specific information on deadlines, fees, and participating institutions can be found at the VMCAS website.

VMCAS Contact Information

1101 Vermont Ave. N.W.
Suite 301
Washington, D.C. 20005-3521

Hours: Mon to Fri, 9am-5pm ET (subject to change)
Tel: 202.682.0750
Student/Advisor Toll Free Hotline: 877.862.2740
Fax: 202.682.1122