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Design an Academic Plan

Design a Plan

It Is Important to Know and Plan to Meet Your Timetable


    Fall Semester:
  • Explore various majors and declare as early as possible. As soon as you declare your major, you will be assigned an academic advisor within that department. Students preparing to enter the field of Public Health or Health Administration can choose from almost any major. Make sure to identify that you are a pre-health professions student on the major declaration form
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss professional goals and determine an academic game plan.
  • As soon as you get settled into your classes, contact the Pre-professional Health Advisor, to make an advising appointment to discuss professional goals and discuss the necessary prerequisites, shadowing/volunteer work etc.
    Spring Semester:
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your progress.
  • Search for shadowing and volunteer opportunities in your field of interest.
    First Summer:
  • Shadowing/volunteer work


    Fall Semester:
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your Spring schedule.
  • Visit the Center for Student Learning and schedule a meeting with the Director to begin learning about the GRE
  • Continue working on your volulnteer hours
    Spring Semester:
  • Discuss your academic progress with your advisor and adjust your academic plan, as needed.
  • Meet with Pre-Health Professions Advisor to make review your progress and the next phase of preparation. Explore career options and alternatives, if your GPA is not adequate or your career interests have changed.
  • Sign up to take a free practice GRE through Kaplan
    Second Summer:
  • Work/volunteer to gain insight of your career choice.
  • Explore available internship and research opportunities
  • Get involved in the community
  • Start researching the professional schools and visit their campus and schedule a meeting with the Director of Admissions for Allied Health


    Fall Semester:
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss Spring schedule.
  • Get organized, order review booklets and practice tests to prepare for standardized exams.
  • Explore various professional schools and determine to which ones you will apply. Pay special attention to appllication deadlines.
    Spring Semester:
  • Discuss your academic progress with your advisor.  Meet with the Pre-Health Professions advisor to determine if your GPA is competitive and whether or not this is the year you should apply to professional school.  (Click Here to email the Pre-Health Advisor)
  • Collect materials needed to fill in application and start working on application essay.
  • Apply and study for standardized admissions tests.  Check the deadlines and do not miss them.
  • Practice, practice, practice taking the standardized admissions test.
  • Take the standardized admissions test and request that scores be released to the College of Charleston, schools to which you are applying.
  • Request letters of evaluation from faculty and health professionals who know you well.
    Third Summer:
  • Continue to work/volunteer in your field of interest and community outreach projects.
  • Organize application materials and make sure that everything is complete
  • Retake standardized admissions tests, if necessary.


    Fall Semester:
  • Meet with your advisor. Get a degree audit and apply for graduation.
  • Make sure your application materials are organized and submitted within the deadlines (earlier is always better than later when submitting application materials).
  • Prepare for interviews (if applicable)
  • Interview and wait.
  • Search for sources of financial aid.
    Spring Semester:
  • Send updated transcripts directly to the professional schools to which you have applied.
  • Sometimes it takes more than one try to get accepted. If you don't get accepted the first time, discuss options with the pre-health advisor.