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Undergraduate Preparation

Pre-requisite Courses

Complete course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

The minimum science course work necessary for preparing for medical school and the MCAT includes two semesters each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. These courses should be completed no later than the end of your junior year so that you will be prepared for the MCAT exam. The MCAT is now offered 22 times each year which allows students more flexibility as they prepare to apply to medical school. The courses at the College of Charleston that fulfill these requirements are:

General Biology Biol 111 + Biol 111 Lab
Biol 112 + Biol 112 Lab
General Chemistry Chem 111 + Chem 111 Lab
Chem 112 + Chem 112 Lab
Organic Chemistry Chem 231 + Chem 231 Lab
Chem 232 + Chem 232 Lab
Biochemistry  Chem 351
Physics Phys 101 + Phys 101 Lab
Phys 102 + Phys 102 Lab or
Phys 111 + Phys 111 Lab
Phys 112 + Phys 112 Lab
 Behaviorial Science Psych 103 and Socy 101 
Medical school admission’s committees focus attention on overall GPA, Science GPA, MCAT scores and exposure to the clinical environment achieved through volunteer work, internships, shadowing or employment.

Each medical school determines its specific requirements for admissions.  These requirements can be found in the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR), an official guide published by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Additional recommended electives for medical school are Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, courses that expose students to Multi-cultural Diversity, Biomedical Ethics and Medical Terminology.

There are 3 medical schools in South Carolina, The Medical University of South Carolina; The University of South Carolina in Columbia; and The University of South Carolina in Greenville SC. Up-to-date admissions requirements for each school can be found on their respective websites.