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Letters of Recommendation

Who should I get to write letters of recommendation?

You want to ask for recommendations from people who know you well and can express with concrete example your intelligence, academic ability, character and potential as a health professional. Obviously, to get such recommendations you must first establish a strong relationship with your evaluator. Early in your academic career it is important to get to know your professors and maintain contact with those who may be potential letter writers. Most professional schools will ask for at least 3 letters of recommendation. Some programs specify from whom the letters should come. It is a good idea to have 2 letters from science faculty. Also, when exploring career possibilities, you want to establish at least one long-term quality experience. It is far better to have one or two quality experiences then to have a long list of superficial exposures to the health profession.

Establishing a Confidential File

Students who plan to apply to Dental, Medical, Optometry, Osteopathic, Pharmacy, Podiatry or Veterinary Schools are encouraged to establish a confidential file with the College’s Pre-Professional Health Advisor. It is extremely important that all materials be submitted in a timely manner. Your file should be complete by the start of your academic senior year (and no later than July 1st for those applying to an early decision program). It is to your advantage to complete the application process as soon as possible, in particular obtaining your confidential letters of evaluation.